The Girl Behind the Camera

My passion for photography started simply: with my love for babies and children. I think the first time I mentioned wanting to become a photographer, I was twelve. My youngest brother was born when I was eleven and I was (and still am) completely in love with him. I wanted to be like Anne Geddes and take photos of ALL babies.

It was in my second year of photography college that I photographed my first newborn. She pooped on me within the first 15 minutes and I KNEW, right then and there, that this was the start of something. This was going to be the rest of my life.

A few more wonderfully challenging years, brings us to today; I’ve long graduated from school, completed over 30 newborn sessions and I am a Newborn photographer as well as a nanny to four sweethearts. For close to 3 years now, I’ve watched “my little’s” grow into amazing human beings and I’ve continually thought:

How incredible it would be to remember every little part of them?

How they curled up so perfectly into my arms and fell asleep. How the only way they would get into the tub was to make them giggle by shaking my head “no”. How they smiled with two teeth. How they wobbled as they learnt to walk and how their tiny bald heads became covered in sweet soft curls.

The truth is...

I can’t remember everything; so I turned to photography.

With every baby and family that I meet, my hope is to capture those tiny moments, the ones you don’t want to forget. To capture each one of their personalities and quirks, to capture the love they have for each other and to capture the moments that makes each family so special, but mostly to marvel in the pure simplicities of this beautiful life.

- Alexandra